There are many reasons your purchases may not be appearing. Please allow up for 15 minutes for your purchases to properly load onto your Waldo monitoring feed. Still don’t see them? Use these tips to help you figure out why your purchases have not yet loaded:

  1. Make sure your electronic receipts are going to the Gmail inbox linked with Waldo. Waldo only supports Gmail inboxes at the moment but we're hard at work building out support for Yahoo!, Outlook, AOL, and more!
  2. Ensure that the receipt is a purchase made from our list of protected retailers. Our full list of protected retailers can be found here.
  3. Make sure your electronic receipts are in English.
  4. Make sure the item is not perishable.

Price protection perks don’t apply to every item you purchased. Some items which are excluded from price protection include perishables,  jewelry, vehicles, etc.

Still don’t notice your purchase being tracked? Send us a quick note at with your order number and a screenshot of the purchase in your inbox so we can make sure Waldo starts properly tracking it!

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